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Skeeter Bob

Creative Touch Landscape is proud to announce our new spray division! Let “Skeeter Bob” help keep your family safe from ticks & mosquitoes. Our all natural product will also eliminate fleas, gnats, ants and other nuisance pests.

This spring and summer you can expect an abnormally high number of ticks according to experts. A number of biologists have reported a recent explosion in the mice population in the U.S., which historically indicates an increase in ticks and tick-borne illnesses including Lyme disease. Given the likelihood of encountering these pests, it is important to know that controlling tick populations in your landscape is possible. Creative Touch Landscape offers a successful treatment program to reduce the risk of encountering ticks on your property. The first step is assessing your landscape for common tick habitats like wooded areas, leaf litter and ornamental beds. Based on the assessment, we can provide effective tick treatments to specifically target at-risk areas.


Types of Ticks on Long Island:  


Black Legged (Deer) Tick

Transmits: Lyme disease, babesiosis, anaplasmosis,

   and Powassan disease


Lone Star Tick

Transmits: Ehrlichiosis, tularemia, “alpha-gal” allergy,

   and STAR


American Dog Tick

Transmits: Rocky Mountain spotted fever and tularemia



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