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Your nights outdoors with family and friends don't have to end so early. Extend your social gatherings by casting your yard in appealing, strategic lighting. Start enjoying the magic of our high quality nightscaping services today by calling for a FREE consultation.

Add function and beauty to your evening hours

•  Compliments landscape

•  Enhances architecture

•  Increase home security

•  Magnify home value

•  Highlight attractive features

•  Beautify property

Create the optimal party setting with lighting that sets the mood. Call today for a FREE consultation.

•  Up lighting

•  Down lighting

•  Path lighting

•  Specialty lighting

•  Backlighting

•  Custom lighting

Make your backyard a getaway with dazzling lighting.

Perks of better lighting

Brighten up your life

Install some structural elements to show off with your lighting! Graceful fountains and tranquil ponds are the perfect yard additions to emphasize. Make your yard inspiring with the right combination of features such as a rock garden, stone patio, and a custom flower pot.

Combine nightscaping with structural elements

Shine the spotlight on your yard

Show how proud you are of your property with lighting that both compliments and protects your landscape and architecture. Your family will love spending extended hours outdoors.



Solid bronze and copper fixtures -

hand crafted by skilled artisans. Aging

beautifully, they paint to a color that blends into nature.


Solid bronze bodies, heavy gauge copper stems, marine-grade tin-coated

wire - all designed to last a lifetime -

we guarantee it.


State-of-the-art lighting technology

including highly efficient LED's and

power supplies.


For only a few dollars more than lower

quality fixtures, you can light your

home and property with solid bronze

and cooper fixtures from CAST.

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