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Beautiful garden with fence Quality deer fence

Don't risk losing your flowerbed or suffering damage to your yard decorations with our dependable deer fences. You'll no longer have to worry about the growing deer population in the Hamptons with our assistance.

Keep your yard safe from deer


When you work hard to keep your yard looking nice, it's frustrating when deer ruin it. With little to no natural predators in our area and suburban sprawl, more and more deer will start invading personal property. Take the weight of this problem off of your shoulders by letting our experienced team install a quality deer fence.

Prevent unnecessary property damage

•  High tensile field fence

•  Clinton flex - heavy vinyl fence

•  Vertical deer fence

•  Slated wire fence

•  Polypropylene mesh fence

•  Steel fence

Keep your colorful garden looking wonderful by protecting it from deer.

•  Suburban sprawl

•  Little to no hunting

•  No predators

•  Good food supply

•  Little disease

•  Few harsh winters

Is damage from deer giving you a headache? Call for a consultation.

Our fences blend in well

Deer proliferation reasons

Protect your property from more than just deer by trusting our talented team to install the best lighting to protect and compliment your space. Use lighting to extend the usable hours of your yard and patio for entertainment purposes and more.

Keep your property extra safe with good lighting

Installation of new Deer Guard

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